Well this is sort of asking,"Is natural hair wigs unprofessional?" Personally, I say no. As long as the hair is neat and clean, the employer shouldn't have anything to say. 

With that being said, investment banks, private law firms, etc. tend to have a more conservative atmosphere with less African Americans. Those environments may negatively judge your crochet braids with human hair. However, there are plenty of work environments that welcome cultural diversity such as local, state and national government, dental fields, medical fields, teaching field, and hairsalons. You have to find an environment that works for you.

As for making things fly, take an airtight sack, fill it with a lighter-than-air gas such as helium, release it, and voila,human hair wave gravity will pull the heavier air down thus forcing your inflated sack fly upwards. Note: the sack can be decorated and used to impress friends at parties.

Hair grows the same lenghth period. Either if it is down or in braids. There is an old wives tale that says human braiding hair promote hair growth. I believe this is because if you leave your hair braided you will not be prone to color it or apply heat to your red hair wig amazon in order to style. This is stops hair breakage due to heat styling.

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